American Rebelution

  1. American Rebelution: (Lyrics) HERE 


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Welcome To Dodge City: The Lacs and Hard Target

  1. This is Racket County: (Lyrics) HERE
  2. Welcome to Dodge City: (Lyrics) HERE
  3. Moonlight: (Lyrics) HERE
  4. James Brown: (Lyrics) HERE
  5. Nowhere: (Lyrics) HERE
  6. Sunday: (Lyrics) HERE
  7. Radio: (Lyrics) HERE
  8. Life on the Road: (Lyrics) HERE
  9. The Truth: (Lyrics) HERE
  10. They Ain’t Seen Nothin’: (Lyrics) HERE
  11. Snakes in the Grass: (Lyrics) HERE
  12. Keep Walkin’ (feat I4NI): (Lyrics) HERE
  13. DOA: (Lyrics) HERE
  14. DOA (Metal Mix): (Lyrics) HERE



Outlaw In Me

  1. Stomp: (Lyrics) HERE
  2. God Bless A Country Girl: (Lyrics) HERE
  3. Out Here: (Lyrics) HERE
  4. Make the Rooster Crow: (Lyrics) HERE
  5. Tonight on Repeat (feat. Josh Thompson): (Lyrics) HERE
  6. Great Moments in Redneck History No. 4 (skit)
  7. Feels Good: (Lyrics) HERE
  8. Worth It: (Lyrics) HERE
  9. Back to Georgia (feat. Craig Campbell): (Lyrics) HERE
  10. River Life: (Lyrics) HERE
  11. Might As Well Get Drunk: (Lyrics) HERE
  12. Them country Boys: (Lyrics) HERE
  13. Let Me Know: (Lyrics) HERE
  14. Outlaw in Me (feat. Crucifix): (Lyrics) HERE



Nothing In Particular

  1. Nothing in Particular: (Lyrics) HERE
  2. Mud Lovin’ Rednecks: (Lyrics) HERE
  3. Let Your Country Hang Out: (Lyrics) HERE
  4. Black Moon: (Lyrics) HERE
  5. King of the Honey Hole: (Lyrics) HERE
  6. Field Party (feat. JJ Lawhorn): (Lyrics) HERE
  7. Country Boy Downtime: (Lyrics) HERE
  8. Goin’ Deep (feat. Luke Martin): (Lyrics) HERE
  9. All Weekend Long: (Lyrics) HERE
  10. Wylin’ (remix) (feat. Bubba Sparxxx and Charlie Farley): (Lyrics) HERE
  11. Smokestack (remix) (feat. Cap Bailey): (Lyrics) HERE



Keep It Redneck

  1. Keep It Redneck: (Lyrics) HERE
  2. Kick Dust (feat. Noah Gordon): (Lyrics) HERE
  3. Great Moments in Redneck History #3 (skit)
  4. Shichya: (Lyrics) HERE
  5. Make Things Right: (Lyrics) HERE
  6. Smoke Stack: (Lyrics) HERE
  7. Rusty’s Junk Shack (skit)
  8. Empties: (Lyrics) HERE
  9. Get Lost: (Lyrics) HERE
  10. All Weekend Long: (Lyrics) HERE
  11. ReLacs (feat. Sarah Ross): (Lyrics) HERE
  12. She’s Runnin’: (Lyrics) HERE
  13. Memory: (Lyrics) HERE
  14. Tylenol: (Lyrics) HERE
  15. Field Party (remix) (feat. Colt Ford and JJ Lawhorn): (Lyrics) HERE



190 Proof

  1. 190 Proof: (Lyrics) HERE
  2. Drinks Up: (Lyrics) HERE
  3. Po Dunk University (skit)
  4. Shake It (feat. Big and Rich): (Lyrics) HERE
  5. Old River Road: (Lyrics) HERE
  6. Wylin (feat. Bubba Sparxxx): (Lyrics) HERE
  7. Greatest Moments in Redneck History #2
  8. Country Boy Fresh: (Lyrics) HERE
  9. Island Time: (Lyrics) HERE
  10. Just Another Thing (feat. Crucifix): (Lyrics) HERE
  11. 4 Wheel Drive: (Lyrics) HERE
  12. Drink Too Much: (Lyrics) HERE
  13. Ease Along: (Lyrics) HERE 
  14. What I Need: (Lyrics) HERE



Country Boy’s Paradise

  1. Shindig (feat. Colt Ford): (Lyrics) HERE
  2. Tall Grass (feat. Matt Stillwell): (Lyrics) HERE
  3. Another Shot: (Lyrics) HERE
  4. Greatest Moments In Redneck History #1
  5. Kickin’ Up Mud: (Lyrics) HERE
  6. Left of Me: (Lyrics) HERE
  7. Red Diamond Man: (Lyrics) HERE
  8. Otis (skit)
  9. Me and My Boys (feat, JB and the Moonshine Band): (Lyrics) HERE
  10. Country Boy’s Paradise: (Lyrics) HERE
  11. Walk You Do: (Lyrics) HERE
  12. For Once (feat. Danny Boone of Rehab): (Lyrics) HERE
  13. Country Road: (Lyrics) HERE
  14. Wild Turkey: (Lyrics) HERE
  15. First Keg Stand: (Lyrics) HERE